Redirecting Adapter standard error/output

Does anyone knows how to redirect an adapter standard error/output?

I am trying to fine tune the Java Heap Size memory allocated to each adapter process and need to see how often the Garbage collector (GC) is running
Enabling the JVM option to generate GC messages is not a problem as I can see GC messages logged when I run an adapter in debug mode.
However, I need to analyze the behaviour in normal mode and for extended periods.

Any help/commentary is highly welcome


You can try from directory (folder) the command: adapter_errors_nogui

This command can redirect all of error messages that will appear on Adapter_Errors Tool to a file. On Command line, type

adapter_errors_nogui -?

will tell you how to specify parameters.

For example, you can send the error messages to a file like:

adapter_errors_nogui brokername@host c:\temp\file_name.txt

Hope this can help you.

Sorry, the example has a small error. It should be as follow:

adapter_errors_nogui brokername@host > c:\temp\filename.txt

IS this for A2A, if so this files adapter_errors_nogui does not exist in the aw bin directory.

As a workaround, you could run the adapter from the command line with the following options “debug=1 info=1”.

This would print all the debug output on the session output.