RecordList manipulation


   Here i am getting two recordlists A,B as inputs.Both recordlists 

contains 24 records(assuming).Both A,B record lists contains

fields amount(string),date(string).Here i want to add amount value

in recordLst A with amount value in recList B.Then map result amount value to

RecordList C (output).sametime i have to map date value from

recordlist A or B to date field in RecordList C(date value in both
recordListsA,B are same).

Here i am giving samp.

A(recordList).A[0].amount(value) + B(recordList).B[0].amount(vlaue)

= C(recordList).C[0].amount (value)


A(recordList).A[1].amount(value) + B(recordList).B[1].amount(vlaue)

= C(recordList).C[1].amount (value)

A(recordList).A[23].amount(value) + B(recordList).B[23].amount(vlaue)

= C(recordList).C[23].amount (value
upto 24 iterations.

C[recordList].c[0].date == date value mapped from A or B recordList up

to 24 iterations


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I got solution after writing java service providing 2 input recordlists which contains elements date,amount.After reading
amount value in two record lists.I converted amount value of
string objects to integer values(output amount value is Integer
type of string reprasantation ).Sfter that i added two integer
values,result value converted to string value.i assaigned to
output recordlist amount value field.I stored input values
into ArrayList initially.