Recording: VSCode devcontainers in practice @

About the event

“Works on my machine” is a well known statement made by developers.
In open-source projects with heterogenous contributors and complex IoT applications which might have restrictions & dependencies to hardware architectures and software packages this is a real challenge. In this event we show you how you might address this challenge with devcontainers on example of the project.


devcontainers doc - Developing inside a Container using Visual Studio Code Remote Development
devcontainer hello-world - GitHub - reubenmiller/demo-dev-container: Example dev container repository - GitHub - thin-edge/ The open edge framework for lightweight IoT devices
dev containers available features - Features
GitHub codespaces - GitHub Codespaces overview - GitHub Docs
devcontainers spec - GitHub - devcontainers/spec: Development Containers: Use a container as a full-featured development environment.
devcontainrs blog - Development Containers & GitHub Codespaces kill the "works on my machine" problem

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