receiving the xml in byte format of 255 chars

When I use pub.flow:setResponse and set
“response” = string containing xml
contentType = “text/xml”

Our client is complaining that he is receiving the xml in byte format of 255 chars?

Is there anything that I need to do from webMethods side to fix this problem?

What does “…byte format of 255 chars” really mean? They are getting a byte array? Getting only 255 chars?

What have you observed in your testing of this service? Have you mimicked how the client is invoking the service so you can see exactly what is being returned?

Before changing anything on Integration Server, you probably need to confirm that the problem actually exists there and not on the client side.

Client is saying that they are receiving in Byte format with 255 char. I created a small html page where I can post the xml and calls my fs in wm. I am able to see the return xml. This is just like the client sending the xml to my fs.

But when client posts the xml to this fs, they are receiving in bytes of 255 length.

Do they have a screen shot or captured file to illustrate what they are getting?

There is some more update on this.

Our xml is going to the client but not the complete one. XML is getting cut off after certain charecters.

Is there any setting in wM that I need to set to send the xml completely.

But just before setResonse, if I log the xml that I am sending, then I am seeing the complete xml in the File system.