Receiving EBCDIC EDI

a partner of ours is sending X12 EDI using EBCDIC characters. I’m having trouble getting Trading Networks to correctly recognize the sender and receiver of the documents they are sending. is there something to set up in the EDITPA regarding delimeters and such to have TN correctly receive, interrogate, process EBCDIC EDI?


What sort of characters are you seeing? Are just the delimiters looking like EBCDIC? It would be strange that only some of the characters are EBCDIC.

It might be that the delimiters are in the range that TN has trouble with, which I think are in the 128-135 decimal range. If the delimiters are in this range I believe there is an encoding bug in the EDI processing that causes the validator to barf. If this appears to be the case (intercept the file before it gets into IS/TN and view the delimiters with a hex viewer). If this is the case you might ping tech support to see if there is a fix.

when I open the file oustide of TN, in notepad2, there are ‘FS’ “characters” between all the EDI segments, and the end of the ISA has ‘FS’ ‘BEL’ and ‘NUL’ characters being specified as delimeters.

I’ll put in an SR with webmethods and let everyone know the solution they suggest.

Ah, non-printable control chars in the ASCII set. Possibly the same encoding issue that I mentioned. Looking forward to hear what tech support says.