receive step subscribe to Object

We are using designer 7.0 and created a model which needs to subscribe to an object for the process to start, but can’t figure figure out how to setup this. I know that receive step can only subscribe to a docuument but how to do it with an object.


Where is the object coming from? I assume you’re referring to a Java object.

A couple thoughts pop to mind:

  • Place the object in an IS document. Then have the model work with that. There may be some constraints/limitations on that but I’m not sure.

  • Serialize the object to a document definition, then reconstruct it within the model.

  • Convert the object to a document representation and process that.

Passing objects between integration components is a Java app server way of doing things, not really an IS way of doing things. It’s probably doable but might be more trouble than its worth?

Actually, its a SOAP object coming from external client. In this case, can it be added to a document first and then passed to a model?

My first thought is to extract the SOAP body, convert that to an IS document type, then give that to the model (via a Broker pub or submit to TN). Basically, de-envelope the doc of interest and then process that.

Someone else might have other suggestions.

Several options as always…

In the past, I used a custom soap processor to extract the body of the incoming soap request, convert it to an IS document and published that doc to Broker. You can, of course, send the entire soap envelope if that is somehow useful.