Receive HTTPS documents into TN

I know I can use


to receive documents via http, but what about https? does TN have the receive service listening on another port for https? or is it the same port, or how does it work?


You have to first setup the HTTPs port on your IS. To setup the HTTPs port, please check your “Integration Server Administration Guide”. Once you have setup the HTTPs port you can request or sent using[htts_port]/invoke/

And, by extension, you can submit XML docs to TN via FTP or email through service. TN (even more so than IS) is pretty agnostic about how XML and flatfile enters TN. They’ll all be processed the same.

In trying to set up our HTTPS port, I’m needing to generate our private key and convert our .cer to a .der certificate. But it seems the certificate toolkit wasn’t installed with my webmethods installation. is there a separate place to download it? I thought I looked all over the advantage website.

Certificate Toolkit is available in the webMethods IS section (using Installer). For wM 4.6, it is a separate download, also in the IS section.

However, be prepared to spend some time with CertTK. It is very picky about the version of JDK/JRE you’re using, so be sure to follow exactly what wM wants you to do. It is known to work partially (e.g. generate CSR that doesn’t work) if JDK/JRE is not just right. My experience…