receive document as 1st step in the process

I’m using designer 7.1.
I created a new process that “receives” a publishable document as the 1st step in the process (so no correlation service is needed). Then I pass the output (document) to 2nd step of the process. I confirmed the 2nd step’s input is the correct document type.

I tested it by publishing a document - the trigger fired and a new process was created. But it appears that received document was empty.

Any ideas ?

Facing the same problem…Any clues where I should check for trouble shooting.

I am not able to get the documents getting output from receive step or input from reply steps.Rest of the activity processing is going on well

The name of the document on the receive step I believe must be the same as the document type

Also you also have to set up the input of the second step and maintain the name from the first step.

You can also check the generated service for first step if the variables you need are dropped.


I am successful in passing the document form receive step,
The thing that worked is same thing “Giving the same name in receive and next step”,But not only that
I have intially given different name and it failed ,so after sometime I realised it might be the problem and given the same name and compiled it many times.But it didn’t run.After long time when I restarted working on it, session has been expired and new session started and then I am able to see the document being passed to the next step.
So Is there a possibility that my changes have not been uploaded to IS inspite of doing “Build and Upload execution”

The current problem is I am not getting the document back from reply step and it is
I am returning a document back to request step from reply .Can I do that?Is there any thing wrong that I am doing.