Realtime and daily aggregation

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Backend: 1020.296.0
UI: 1011.0.4

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Hi it’s Luca,
we would like to display a measurement on a chart with the following:

  • Realtime
  • Aggregation: Max value per day
  • Time range last 30 days

We almost achieved the expected result using data point graph widget with the following configuration:

But we cannot enable realtime using aggregation. Any suggestion? We are not bound to this widget so any solution is appreciated


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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Aggregation and realtime conflicts to each other. If you want to see realtime data you see what is delivered by the device (pushed to the UI). If you select any aggregation the UI will select only historic data and aggregates it according to your selection (pulled from the API). Again, this won’t work on realtime data which is just received by the device.

Possible solution: Use streaming analytics and aggregate the values in a new measurement. Each time the measurement is updated it will be pushed realtime to the UI (with aggrgated data).

Hi Stefan,
mm makes sense.

We would like to have a bar per day. Each new incoming measure (created using streaming analytics) should increase the existing bar, if necessary, not to create a new bars next to each other. So we would like to have something like this:

Is it feasuble with your solution?


Sure, multiple ways how to achieve that. For each measurement you could accumulate the daily value starting from 0 each day and updating it in the managed object, temporary event or measurement. Another model could listen for this temporary event/measurement, latch it and when a cron timer trigger fires (both inputs are true) once per day the latest accumulated value will be written to a daily aggerated measurement (only one value per day).

I’m not the expert here, so maybe someone else has a better idea.