Ready body of email as plain text

Hi all,

I have created a email polling port which takes new emails and sends them to a flow service. I am able to receive all emails, but I am having an issue with receive the body of the email as plain text. To be more specific, emails from outlook always have HTML tags in the body while other email clients do not do this. I have tried to set settings in outlook to send emails as plain text, but I get the same results in the flow service (outlook displays the email as plain text, but the flow service still includes html tags).

Has anyone here dealt with outlook emails in a flow service before? if so, any ideas how I can get the flow service to view outlook email as plain text? or do I have to strip the html out of each email body in a flow service? I have included my flow service as attachment.




We are facing the same problem and have no idea how to fix it. Does anybody came with solution?

Hey Robert, to get around this issue I created a Java service which extracts the body text from the email.

please google the java library jsoup. You can use this library to easily extract the plain text from html email. You would use the following:

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html_email);
email_text = doc.body().text();

This solved the problem perfectly for me. Hope it helps.

Hello All,

Is there any udate on this topic? thank you. having the same issue…