Reading input from included portlet

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently stumbled upon serious issue that i cannot overcome. I’ve created versatile portlet to describe business data with ability to edit the data when necesary (input controls). Whenever there is need to show these data in any other portlet i simply use “portlet include” control and place it on the page. Problem is that server seems to ignore input from included portlet controls. Is it even possible to read input data from included portlet?
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Portlets generally operate within their own isolated sandbox, so sharing data between portlets can be tricky.

Maybe you should use a reusable template via the ‘Import Template View’ control instead of a portlet?

Thanks for reply, isolation is what i’ve discovered when i started to research the topic.

I’ve found a workaround for this problem.
I included the child portlet into parent portlet, thus making child portlet render DIV tag insead of nested FORM. That way every field is submitted into parent portlet request (what is strange is the fact that child portlet is executed normally but with empty request values map, is this the way it should be?). I then manually map submited child portlet fields to business data as the fields have easy to decipher HTML IDs.

To pass the data the other way i use session and it does the trick.
For now its sufficient solution.

Hi Michalak,

Even I am trying some thing like that, But my problem is the that both portlet are in separate project,

I need some kind of data bean which can be common for both of them.

I tried to create a jar file of data bean & put it on to server lib,

But I get class case exception when i tried to read the session object in inner portlet