Read - Please explain

Hi I have gone through the example specified in the documentaion…please find the example below

Read Each Qualifying Record

An L1 command is the same as a Natural GET command… fetching the record with the given ISN (and you are passing a zero for ISN so I am not sure how this works out for you).

If you want a command that will allow you to read all the records on the file in sequence, choose the L2 command (read in physical sequential order) or L3 command (read in logical sequential order).

My apologies… been a while since I studied direct commands… guess the READ BY ISN does L1s too… will check something and post my results.

Maybe this DBLOG of what a READ BY ISN constructs will help?

Command Code … L1 Command ID …

  1. suppose if I have some 100 records in the database while issuing L1 how can save each record? to process further?..I know that L1 is a sequential read…can u provide any sample code…

depends on the programming language you are using to call ADABAS - load them into an internal array or write them out to a temporary work file perhaps.

  1. is I need put any loop for this to read each record? as my observation RESPONSE-CODE = 3 is doing the same…but I confused some what here how to save the each record…like how to move the return records from the ADABAS.

again, depends on your programming tool. Yes, you need a loop that repeatedly calls ADABAS.

  1. If I want seach using starting key where can I define the field? how to process the same…

your CALL is incomplete - you are not showing the VALUE BUFFER, SEARCH BUFFER nor ISN BUFFER. See the documentation - they are used to describe the sequence value and starting value for your read.