random memory problems

In a B2B Integration server with trading networks I experience from time to time some random memory problems, for instance I get errors that bizdoc is missing, or any other parameter or variable (like remotefile as input for ftp service). Has anyone experienced similar problems? Any tip is highly appreciated.

We’re starting to see similar things with concurrent processes in wM Integration Server.
We initially thought that it might have been a problem with some custom services we wrote in Java not being thread-safe, but we’re starting to see the errors in areas that aren’t impacted by anything custom.

The basic scenario is:

  1. we read some records from a database into memory
  2. we perform some transformations on the records to convert them into a more usable format
  3. we write the tansformed records back to the database.

With the same input records, we can run the transformation service 100% of the time successfully. When we run two instances of the same service we start to see random and irreproducible errors - slightly reminiscent of concurrency problems.

We’d also be curious to know if anyone else is seeing this.


You may want to check your max number of file handles if you are using Unix.