radio button issue

Hello All,

My requirement::We have a list of Market place names and each market place has a list of customer names. we are using two radio buttons(Active, Suspended).The objective is when we select a particular radio button for a particular market place, the corresponding customer names must automatically be selected.

Could somebody please help me on this.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Jyoti,

Try using js code on “on click” radio button.


Hello Henrique,

I am new to Java and CAF. Could you please elaborate on the JS code or at least what document should I refer to get an idea on the java code.


First of all, you have to declare a variable, example:

var variableX = CAF.model(’#{activePageBean.clientIds[‘idHERE’]}’);

And you set a value of your input:



Thank you Henrique for your reply!!! :slight_smile: