QueueVeiw Thread


You don’t need to install my program. All you need to do is copy QueueView.jar to
directory, set classpath and run using java.exe

Since you can find java at c:\wment41\java\bin,

I guess following command may work for you.

C:\wment41\jvm\win.sun13\jre\bin\java -cp “C:\wment41\lib\client.jar;C:\wment41\jvm\win.sun13\jre\lib\rt.jar;D:\webMethods MTM\Scripts\QueueView\QueueView.jar” QueueView


since there are compatiility problems with the way JTree is implemented in various jvms(I got a mail that it doesn’t work with JVM supplied by IBM)
I have used jvm supplied by webMethods as standard for my testing.
If you have accepted defaults during wM installation, you can find it in C:\wment41\jvm\win.sun13\jre\bin\java

I request all of you to use this.

Please use this thread for further inquiries in QueueView.


I came across your QueueView program on webMethods User Community
would like to test it out against our Version 4.0.4 061902 ES Broker.
you have any documentation for the install of this program. Thanks.

I tried to run the following but I’m not able to find the rt.jar and
client.jar in the zip files (636QueueView.jar.zip and

I know I need to run this from the webMethods install directory…

D:\webMethods MTM\Scripts\QueueView>c:\wment41\java\bin\java.exe -cp
ar;rt.jar;client.jar QueueView
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
at QueueView.(QueueView.java:113)

D:\webMethods MTM\Scripts\QueueView>

java -cp QueueView.jar;rt.jar;client.jar QueueView

rt.jar has all the java and swing core classes
client.jar has all the client api.

Richard D. Striedl

I could browse the events in the queue using the jar file.
GUI displays two columns: No & Event Name.

Two questions:

  1. I could delete all the events in the queue. But if I select one particular event and try to delete, it displays an error like this:
    “Cannot acknowledge the requested document because the sequence no is out of order with respect to other unacknowledged documents.”

  2. In Options menu, there is a check box to show Envelope fields. If I check that where do I see the envelope fileds. I don’t see anything else other than the event name and no.


  1. I cannot reproduce this error. I suspected that your events are published with publisher sequence number. When Broker receives events with pubSeqn value, it will not process if the value is less that or equal to the pub seqn of event already processed. This will imply that the seuence number of the latest event in the queue will always be greater than the ones before it. If for some reason this condition is not true, you may get this error. But I cannot see any reason how it could reach such state, unless the event is not put in the queue by Broker. I am not sure how a non-Broker source can put the event in the queue, but documentaion says it can be done.

  2. What you mentioned is displayed on the left hand side(LHS). When you select the events in the LHS, the event details should be displayed on RHS. When you choose the “Show Envelope field” option, it will be at the bottom of the Right hand side screen.(like Event Tracker) You have to deselect and select the event again to see the envelope fields. Sorry…

Had you tested the QueueView app on 4.x brokers. I ran into
the same issue as “ct” above. It allows me to delete the
whole queue but not individual events. This makes sense
because I don’t think they added the single event delete to
the APIs until 5.0. Just want to verify though.


Your observations are correct. You cannot delete single
events unless you use 5.0 API.