Queue Settings not working for MQAdapter

I have configured the MQAdapter to listen to a particular queue. Everything was working until we installed sp1, fix 6 and sp3 for MQAdapter.
Now if I test the QueueManager (from admin window) it works, but if I try to test the QueueSettings, it gives an error saying
“Unable to get a connection from the pool”
Any idea on what could be wrong? I can put&get; messages on this queue from outside webmethods. Any help is appreciated

Although I have a problem working under sync point, I just installed the MQAdapter on a Sun Solaris. I also got the problem with the connection pool. I installed MQAdapter fixes 6 to 10, which solved a lot of problems. In this stage I am able to get, put and listen messages, as long as I do not work under sync point. Good luck