Queue a BPM Task on a certain Date in future with BPM already kick started ?

Hi Experts ,

Could someone tell me if it is possible to queue a Task on a certain date only ? Say i have a BPM with simple receive step followed by a Task step and a terminate step . Say today i kick start the BPM and my pipeline data would have a start date for the Task to be queued , so when control reaches Task step , could this start on a future date as mentioned in the pipeline ?

Thank you


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Option 1. When the BPM moves to the task step the task will be created but you will have full control when to assign or queue the task to a particular user.
Use the data time event of the Task that will trigger at a particular date time (can be taken from pipeline) and the action assign the task to users.
Note that the start date of the task will be date when the task is created.

Option 2. Add another dummy step to BPM and set step expiry. On step expiry transition BPM will invoke user task step.

Hi Raghav,

Thank you for your suggestion that is helpful .

Also our requirement is like we also need to set the deadline for the Task and also there would be instances where Deadlines needs to be adjusted based on change of start date by some process .

For e.g Task start date on 30th May 2015 . So say my BPM is triggered today on 25th May 2015 , so as per your suggestion if i use date time time event combine with assign users , then my task created today on 25th May 2015 but is assigned to users only on 30th May 2015. Now 2 days later on 27th May 2015 , we have a notification asking us to set the Start date for the Task to be 4th Jun 2015 , can we then postpone the assigning to users from 30th May 2015 —> 4th June 2015 ?

Could you let me know if this is achievable ?


Hi Nischal,
Date time event will be initialized only once and cannot be changed dynamically.

As a workaround this can be achieved by using Task Expiration reached event where you can initialize the task expiration event with the initial date time (like 30th May 2015) and if this date is changed to 4th June 2015 the again set the task expiration to 4th June 2015 in task info. Remaining logic for assign users will be in Task Actions. (Note: task expiration event will not change any behavior of the task until some action is done in task actions)

Hi Raghava,

This would take care of Start Date of the Task i suppose for the requirement I am having. How about setting a deadline for this Task , can we set a deadline for a Task ( note even if deadline has been surpassed , we still have to keep task open but only notify user that Task has been delayed ) ?

Thank you in advance for answering the query.


you can achieve by using the task expiration event again and in action send the notification. Task expiration event is just an and it will not change the any task behavior. so play around it for sending deadline notifications.