Questions on webMethods' JMS services and message broker

I’m new to webMethods.

It seems that webMethods provides two JMS engines : Universal Messaging (from Terracotta) and Nirvana (from myChannels). They both support JMS.
What’s the main difference ? Which one is better?

Also webMethods has its own Integration Server or Message Broker. Not sure what message engine they use.

All comments are welcome. Thanks

As far as I know, Universal Messaging (UM), is just a re-branding of Nirvana.

Broker vs Nirvana : You can go for Nirvana if you have very high performance needs and of course Nirvana comes with its own additional cost! Also, you can connect to Nirvana using so many other protocols!


Thanks for the quick reply.

Does the Broker have its own Messaging Engine that is different from Nirvana?

Yes, the Broker and Nirvana are completely different. They are separate installations too. Also, they are two different products from different companies which were acquired by Software AG (formerly webMethods)