Question regarding referenced process model

I have a referenced process in my parent process. Both referenced and the parent process are subscribing for the same document(have the receive step subscribing for the same document).

Is this causes to invoke child process twice (I mean once thru the parent process and once all by itself separately). If yes is there a way to prevent the referenced process not to be invoked all by itself except from the parent process.

Any help appreciated.

I dont think there’s way to achieve this unless if you want to disable subscription trigger for referenced process…:kiss:

You should have the trigger filter condition set to both when you subscribe to one IS document in Parent and Child process…

Then how do you differentiate the data if it is required by Parent or Child ?

In your publishable document, example, if there is a variable under Header like message, which contains ‘parent’ as value for Main process and ‘child’ as value for Referenced process, use the trigger filter condition with these filters which can differentiate the parent and child data and accordingly, the process will get triggered and executed.