QUESTION Oracle Adapter Custom SQL Configured Operation

I’m having problems inserting data into an oracle db. The insert’s fail due to mal formed sql.
(i.e., if I try inserting the name Fred’s Farm Supplies).

Any know work around. I’ve tried creating a standard INSERT operation, but can’t complete the process due to a time-out. I’ve increased the EI preference time out to 300sec but it just hangs my cpu. I’ve seen some CO’s created using the standard INSERT, but can’t duplicate them myself.


THis is because of the data. If the name/data contains '(single quote ) then wM prepare mail formed SQL as follows

Insert into supllier ( name,address) values ( ‘Fred’s’,‘add1’);

so you need to append one more quote whenver a single quote appear in the data .
then the insert query become as follows which would execute smoothly
Insert into supllier ( name,address) values ( ‘Fred’‘s’,‘add1’);



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