question on SOA


I’ve a generic question on the service oriented architecture:
Let’s take a scenario of integrating the following systems:
SystemA(oracleApps), SystemB(CRM-Siebel) & SystemC(oracle database).

Following are the components used to integrate these systems:

  • adapters to pub/sub data from the end-systems
  • developer to map the data(one format to the other)
  • broker to route the documents

For the same scenario, if the end-systems should be integrated as per SOA architecture, how different the solution will be compared to the normal architecure mentioned above.


It depends on how your organization defines SOA.

IMO, the solution might well not be any different from a component standpoint. The primary difference might be in the interfaces exposed by the end-points–coarse-grained, application independent business level services as opposed to possibly low-level, application specified interfaces. For some integrations, you may already have a business level set of services.

Service-orientation does not prescribe any particular technology or components. Some even say that it has nothing to do with technology at all and that it is solely a business structure concern.