Question on BPM and webservices

Hi All,

I understand a business process model can be triggered by three ways… by publishing broker docs, JMS triggered processes and by simple service. I have a question on how would i handle if first step in process is webservice call i.e. provider webservice…is there a way process gets triggered when client calls the webservice?

Appreciate any ideas/suggestions

Process model can be invoked from the Webservice call as well, which is your question as well.

For example, the IS service u hosted as provider thorugh a WS-connetor, provide in the implementation tab of ur process step. So when customer will call this service through Webservice invocation… your process model will be trigger.

Also your webservice will excute a flow/java service, on which you can get the docType and publish it to broker to start a a process subcribed to it.

In the SoapResponse just include some “queued” message :smiley: