QUESTION Line Feed Characters

What is the best way to convert a string list to a string, separated by the \r\n linefeed character?

I know that I can write a Java service, but what about using pub.string:makeString? I can set the Service In separator variable to a line feed by right-clicking in the text box to select a “Larger Editor” and then hitting <Enter>. I do not know, however, how this <Enter> character is intrepreted by the Integration Server.

Any thoughts?

It may be platform dependent, but I’m not sure. Run a test with it and see what the result tab shows. If you see two square boxes (non-printable chars) in upper pane, then you’ve got \r\n. If only one appears, then you’ve got \n.

You will get a \n with this method, on Windows or Unix.
This will be fine for most Windows editors, but not for Notepad.


you cna use the pub.string:makeString service and set the “separator” parameter with a tab delimiter (grab this from the notepad or text editor which is tricky).This should give the final string with new line character for each record.