Question about wm.dotnet.runtime:Invoke

I have question about the flow service wm.dotnet.runtime:Invoke. How that’s work ?
I explain : I have a .net assembly named myDotnet.dll I put on C:\webMethods\net.
There exists a method name Login in the class with 3 parameters : url (String), user (String), password (String) and that returns a string.

So I have put :

  • assemblyPath = C:\webMethods\net
  • assemblyName = myDotNet.dll
  • className = myDotNet.myClass (my class is myClass and my namespace is myDotNet)
  • methodName = Login
  • instanceType = dotnetDomain
  • methodReturnType = String

For parameterInfo, I have 3 items
First :

  • name = url
  • direction = in
  • parameterType = String
  • position = 0
  • valeur = value of url
  • name = user
  • direction = in
  • parameterType = String
  • position = 1
  • valeur = value of user
  • name = password
  • direction = in
  • parameterType = String
  • position = 2
  • valeur = value of password

But that doesn’t work : each time that say me : Input parameters do not conform to targetInputSignature:
Even if I change direction, instanceType, parameterType and methodReturnType and I put integer instead of String.

Does exist any documentation about this invoke. (I don’t find in webMethods Microsoft Package User Guide) ?


The easiest way to do this is to import the dll in to Desginer using the “.NET Service” option in the new menu of the Designer\folder. This will import your dll and then you can see the methods in the dll created as a service that can be called from your Flow service.

You can change the location of the drive that you can access by changing the “wmSystem.exe.config” file located at SAGinstallDir\DotNetHost folder. There is a key in there called “WhitelistDirectories” which can list out what drive you want to whitelist and be able to access from Designer when you create a new .NET Service.