Question about

Hello! I have a question about webMethods build-in ‘’.
As you know this service retrieves the file list during an FTP session.
But I found the file list’s defult sequence is order by file name.If I want
to order by files’ creation time, just like the command ‘ls -lrt’ or ‘ls -lnt’.
How can I realize it? Thanks a lot in advance.


Use pub.client.ftp:quote instead of In the input string give the ftp command as input.


Hello Raju!Thank you very much for you reply.
I tried use pub.client.ftp:quote,and I worte ‘ls -lrt’ in the input string,but webMethods show:
‘<-- 500 ‘LS -lrt’: command not understood.’
also I tried ‘ls’,‘cd’,wM throw same error.
Do you know the reason?

Thanks & Regards.