queryXMLNode does not work for DataType ID.

I’m invoking queryXMLNode to extract attributes from EDI documents. The attribute is NOT extracted from the X12 4030 240 using criteria "ST/LX/L11/L1102

/L1101/text()". However, it IS extracted from UNEDIFACT D98A RECADV using criteria “UNH/CPS/LIN/RFF/RFF01[C50601/text()=‘ON’]/C50602/text()”. The only obvious difference I see (aside from X12 versus EDIFACT version) is that L1102/code is defined in the Dictionary as Data Type = ID whereas RFF01/C50601 is defined as Data Type = AN.

We are using wM Developer/TN/EDI version 6.5.2. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,