queryXmlNode attribute matching in WQL [EDITED]

EDIT: for some reason, the BBCode code tag strips off attributes from the package nodes in the example above. The package nodes should have the attributes type=“letter” and processed=“true”.

Let’s say I have the following XML (a very simplified example):


  <package>Some package info</package>
  <package>Other package info</package>


and that I want to use a queryXMLNode (WQL) to filter out any package elements that have the type attribute set to “letter” and the processed attribute set to “false”. What’s the proper way of doing this multiple-attribute-matching? A simple AND doesn’t seem to cut it.

doc.packages[0].package(type='letter' AND processed='true')

yields the same result as

doc.packages[0].package(type='letter' I CAN WRITE ANYTHING HERE)

which is null, or no match, regardless of what I enter after the first attribute condition. If I just match on a single attribute, as


it works fine.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment in this matter.[/u]