Querying XML whose schema imports other schemas

Hi, Forum:

I successfully created my second Database and loaded several(6) instances.

Being happy with that, I’ve been trying to query the database, but it doesn’t return right results that I expect.

When I do this from TII XQuery,

for $t in input()
return $t

it returns 6 objects in the format of

BUT, when I try this,

for $t in input()
return $t/ :cool:TLTransaction:cool:

it throws “8306:Invalid cursor position”.

Similar query works for the other database.

The only difference(that I can think of) of the “TLTransaction” Database is that it imports two other schemas(XMLSignature and XMLEncryption). I had defined both “Signature.tsd” and “Encryption.tsd” before I defined “TLTransaction.tsd”.

Here’s the beginning of my schema.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xs:schema targetNamespace=“http://www.myCompany.com” xmlns:xs=“XML Schema” xmlns:tsd=“http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/TaminoSchemaDefinition” xmlns:ds=“XML-Signature Syntax and Processing” xmlns:xenc=“XML Encryption Syntax and Processing” xmlns:tl=“http://www.myCompany.com” elementFormDefault=“qualified”>
<tsd:schemaInfo name=“TLTransaction”>
<tsd:collection name=“TxnCollection”/>
<tsd:doctype name=“tl:TLTransaction”>
<xs:import namespace=“XML-Signature Syntax and Processing” schemaLocation=“Signature”/>
<xs:import namespace=“XML Encryption Syntax and Processing” schemaLocation=“EncryptedData”/>
<xs:element name=“TLTransaction”>
<xs:element name=“Header” type=“tl:TransactionHeaderType”/>
<xs:element name=“Body” type=“tl:TransactionBodyType”/>

Can somebody help with this?

Scott Chung

Never mind :smiley:

I self-solved this by declaring namespace like this.
declare namespace tl= “http://www.myCompany.com
for $q in input()/tl:TLTransaction
return $q

Hmmm… so if there are several namespaces, we have to declare them when we query. I see.

Well…I am learning.