Query regarding use of pub.xml:queryXMLNode

Hi gurus,
i have below XML data



if “ab” tag have 123 then i need to lookup “ab1” nested under “cd” tag if it is also same then i need to return TRUE else FALSE.

could it be done by “pub.xml:queryXMLNode”, if yes then how?

plz reply ASAP bcoz i am stuck at sm point due to this.


Are you training your self?

What is your current Flow condition logic in place?

Thanks RMG for looking into it…

In my flow i have nested XML structure, in which based on values of XML tags (which need to be compared with some values in another WM doc), i need to decide my cource of action.
due to performance issue i do not want to use comparision by loop over this nested xml structure (after converting in WM doc) with another WM doc.

If you need to compare then have to after parsing and the queryxmlnode should do the trick but I don’t have the XQL handy: