Query regarding adapter notification

Hi All,

Can anybody provide the best approach for below mentioned situation?

We need to create a JDBC Notification in package A, but eventually need to pass the values received from JDBC notification to package B.

Approach 1) Trigger and a service should be created in package A and service at package A should call package B service and pass values to service at package B.

Approach 2) Trigger should be created at package A but service that will be invoked by this trigger should directly be created at package B.

It will be really helpful if you can advise reason for best approach as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Renuka,

Whats the point in creating the Trigger in package A. As you are not performing any activity in package A. I suggest Create the JDBC Notification, trigger and Service in PAckage B and use it.

If their is any specific reason bcoz of which you want to create the JDBC Notification in Package A, then you can go with your approach 2.
Reason if you choose the approach 1 then the parent service in Pkg A will call the service in Pkg B then the JVM needs to keep track of the parent service and the child service and execution time of approach 1 would be more than approach 2.