Query params variables are duplicated as list

Hi all ,

I see a strange problem I my IS , when I call a service over http using a browser and pass a variable using query parameter , I see the variable is duplicated as a list. For example , I execute the service using this url …


I get the below on my browser and also on service pipleline. The test service has no logic in it both input and output variable is “testvar1”. I am not sure how is “testvar1List” created.

testvar1 myvalues
testvar1List myvalues

Share IS version with fix level details. I can reproduce the same and let you know.

Please check the test service input & output parameters, provide the screen shot of your input/out parameters and service details / attach your service in HTML format, this will help to investigate more on this.

Share your service, also make sure if something going wrong in your query URL after submission.