Query on Zone and Gateways

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In borker we have Territory and Gateway concept, in which we do Can Publish and Can Subscribe and also Allow forward and Allow receive for documents flow.

In Nirvana, we have Zones and Gateway like same. But can we control the flow of dcouments in the same way what we do in Broker?


Hi Vikas,
the concept of Zones and Joins in UM is similar to Broker territories and gateways.

Zones are like Broker Territories, where messages are automatically forwarded to another member of the Zone if there is at least one interested subscriber there. This forwarding does not take into account any subscription filter the subscriber may have (same as Broker). The only difference with Broker is that with UM you will need to create JMS topics (or sync IS doc types) against every UM server in the Zone, whereas with Broker you only needed to do that on one member of the Territory.

Using Joins, you can control the flow of documents between two UM servers. Unlike with Broker, a UM server does not need to be a member of a Zone before you can establish a Join.
To establish a Join, you must first “add” one realm to the other. You do this once, and it establishes the basic bidirectional communication. Then you control which doc types (channels or topics) you want forwarding across the Join by creating a Join on each one. If you want documents to flow in both directions, then you must configure two Joins - one in each direction. You can also set filters on Joins, just like you can with Broker.

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Jonathan Heywood
Software AG Product Management

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Thanks Jonathan :slight_smile:

It’s clear now.

Please re-confirm this below with respect to joins you have mentioned.

  1. Can I take Joins means Gateway between Two realms or cluster and alone realm server? But only difference is in Join we can handle filters? Or In Gateway level also we can do filter?Bcs if I’m not wrong in gateway btw territory level we had some subscription selection(Not remember, du to much use of UM :frowning: )

  2. So in UM, we need to take care of publishing and subscribing docs and also filtering with the help of joins only?

  3. If it is bi-directional, by default will it not allows all document to flow?



if you want messages to flow automatically based on the presence of a subscriber on the remote server, then put the UM servers in a Zone. You then don’t need to configure anything per doc type/topic, but also can’t control anything per doc type/topic. This is the same as a Broker Territory.

If you want to control which messages (doc types/topics) flow between two UM servers, then establish a Join between them. When you add one server to the other, it simply allows them to potentially exchange messages bi-directionally. In addition, you need to configure WHICH doc types/topics will be forwarded and in WHICH direction (or both directions). You can also optionally define filters for which subset of messages on a doc type/topic are forwarded.

So the choice between Zones and Joins is the balance between ease-of-use (Zones) versus granular administrative control (Joins).

Hope it’s clearer now.


Perfect… It’s clear now. Thanks Jonathan :slight_smile: