Query non-xml data using .NET API


I have read other topics and I have found the following conclusions:

- Only x-query can handle non-xml documents

- Tamino API for .NET does not currently support x-query (only xquery)

Does this mean that it is currently impossible to query on non-xml documents using .NET API?
In my case, I need the ino:docname attribute of all the documents with a given doctype. Is there a workaround I can use to retrieve this?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately the API does not support X-Query (and probably never will). There is no workaround using the API directly. However, you could bypass the API for this list of matching documents. If you construct a URL of the form http://host/tamino/mydb/collection?_xql=…. you could do a WebRequest GET on this URL and should be able to do the X-Query that you need.

It’s not a procedure that I would generally recommend but it’s a possible workaround for your case.