Query i/o names & types of IS services.


I need some tips on the following problem we’ve encountered. I need to dinamically retrieve the input & output names and types of any given service on the integration server, where I have administrator privileges. I’d appreciate any tips if this is possible or not.
On the other hand I’ll have another question regarding if I can retrieve a list of available services on the IS from a simple flow service or this is not possible? I tried the universalName built-in service but it seems like a different stuff.


  • Joe

Hi Joe,

You can get list of all services on IS by running following service: wm.server.query:getServiceStats and set the input as cached=no

Thank you very much, indeed that was exactly what i was looking for! Now only one question remains, if I can somehow query the input names of a given service. I tried to look for such a service in the same wm.server.query package but I couldn’t find anything helpful.

I don’t think you can achieve this unless you write a custom java code, using native API’s. I doubt if there is any flow service for this.

Also do remember, wm.server.query is under WmRoot as it is not officially supported.