Query Example Portlet

I am new to webMethods and have just completed the tutorial wm_query_builder2 (from Empower) to get an idea on how to build a UI through designer. I was able to complete the tutorial without too many problems but I cannot seem to get the portlet to publish. Has anyone successfully published these tutorials?

Is there a simpler tutorial that would give me a better understanding of how to use Developer?


Help, I want to understand how to fully utilize the CAF but I cannot get a single sample or tutorial to work correctly. Everything on the Empower website is around 7.1 and we are on 8.0 :mad:.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions on how to learn to use CAF? I cannot seem to post questions to the forum on the Empower community sites. I have even tried to find classroom training but nothing is available now.

PLEASE HELP!:confused: