Query abt the timeout input in the pub.client:http and pub.client:soapHTTP services

Hello all,

We have IS 6.5 SP3 installed.
The pub.client:http and pub.client:soapHTTP services have the optional input ‘timeout’.
However the Built In Service Reference guide for IS 6.5 does not mention anything about this property.
It mentions only abt the watt.net.timeout.

The Built In Service Reference guide for IS 7.1 does mention abt this property as:

[B][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2]

String [/b][/size][/font][FONT=PalatinoLinotype-Roman][SIZE=2]Optional. Time (measured in milliseconds) to wait for a response from the
remote server before timing out and terminating the request. The default value is to wait forever.

My question is, is this property functional in 6.5 SP3?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Kiran,

Since the Buit In Services guide was written for 6.5 before any Service Packs, it doesn’t mention the extra input for pub.client:http service. But if you look at "webMethods Integration Server Enhancements and Fixes 6.5 SP3 " document, you will find this new input and it’s description. BTW this input was added in the following services with 6.5 SP3:

  • pub.client:http
  • pub.client:soapHTTP
  • pub.client:soapRPC

Hello All,

I did some testing and the timeout property does work.
The value to be fed should be in milliseconds.
The watt.net.timeout property on the server was 0, which means IS waits indefinately for a http response.
I set the timeout in the pub.client:http to 300000 millseconds (5mins, and the service threw a timeout exception after 5 mins.