Query about process model invoke after redeployment

I have a doubt.

My process model was deployed on few days back for example say 01/01/2016 and it is in started state waiting for some Xdocument to receive and go further.
Meanwhile this process model has been re-deployed by adding one activity step which might required to use that Xpublished document for example it has re-deployed on 04/01/2016.My query is When that Xdocument has been published after 04/01/16 which process model will invoke in MWS ?Is it updated one like which had redeployed on 04/01/2016??

Hi Sudhir,

If my understanding is correct, you process model has already been started waiting for Xdocument (before 4th initiated model), Xdocument still join old model, it has no knowledge about newer version of process model, events in process queue should match with correlation ID.

The important question here is whether the newly deployed process model has the same model version (not to confuse with the deployment version which is assigned internally and has no “external” impact). If it has the same model version then the instance will continue to run under the updated model. The result of the process execution then depends on whether the new step was added before or after the step that receives the Xdocument.

If you’ve changed the model version, then the instance will continue tu run with the old model. Newly created instances will be associated with the new model though.


additional information to fml2´s post (last paragraph):

If existing instances should run under the new version after the deployment, these need to be updated.

Search for the affected instances in Monitor UI.
Go to the details page and select “Update”.