Python plug-ins tutorial

Python Plug-ins

Following on from the blog post introducing the new Apama EPL Python plug-ins feature, we provide a video that will give you a good insight into developing a Software AG Designer project using the Python plug-ins feature in Apama.

The video goes into detail about how to set up a new project and use Python plug-in methods from EPL code.


Install PyDev

The video also shows you how to set up PyDev, which is a Python IDE for Eclipse and can be used for programming in Python – supporting code refactoring, graphical debugging and code analysis among other features.

To set up PyDev within Eclipse in Designer, select Help > Install New Software .

Enter the address in the Work with field.

Select PyDev only and click Next and OK . On the following screens, if a security warning appears asking whether you trust the software being installed, click OK .

Designer will ask to restart.

Configure PyDev

You will be prompted to configure PyDev if you add a new PyDev source folder, and you should select Manual Config .

Alternatively, you can go to Window > Preferences .

Scroll to PyDev > Interpreters > Python Interpreter .

Click New and give it an appropriate name, For the interpreter executable, browse and select the Python from your Apama installation, which can be found under third-party/python.

Click OK and the Selection Needed window will appear.

Select all but the PySrc and and click OK as many times as necessary to exit the preferences. The default selection should be fine.

The interpreter is now set up.