Pushed Popped Count Incase of Rollback

Hi Experts,

I am using transactional JMS connection alias and in case of trigger service failed, message is getting rollbacked to the queue.

Here, I observed, when message published to the queue pushed Count increased by 1 let’s say current pushed count is 2 and after messaged published on queue it became 3. When trigger picks that message from queue, popped count incresed by one lets say popped count is 3 after trigger subscribed and if message gets rollbacked to the queue then pushed count again increased by 1 so it becomes 4 and popped count is 3 only.

I was thinking after rolle back it decrease the popped count by 1 rather than increasing the pushed count but it’s not like that.

Can anyone please let me know whatever I observed that is the expected behaviour or not.