Pulling Data from SAP Customized Tables

Hi All,

I need to Integrate SAP with Oracle…

Can anyone explain me how i can pull data from SAP Table?



Suggest you start with the SAP Adapter User’s Guide available on Advantage.


Thanks Mark…

Just to know whether we can pull table data directly using JDBC Adapter ?

I’m already in process of reading Document…


You could but I’d suggest that you don’t. Interaction with SAP R/3 is better facilitated via the SAP adapter.

I advice you use SAP Adapter functionality and pull the data either RFC/ALE (IDOC’s) or RFC/BAPI tables functionality

This is the standard way of interacting with wM->SAP and viceversa.



Do i have any thing from SAP Adapter side which will keep monitoring a SAP Table like Update JDBC Notification…

I have talked to SAP team to provide me a RFC[Function Module] which give data fo the table… there concern is how he could know when to trigger that RFC…


I got one solution…

Question on how RFC will know if a table in SAP is updated, this is a “user-exit” task in SAP that is done and if you tell the SAP folks abt user-exits or tell them to use “CMOD” or “SMOD” tcodes in SAP to write these userexits on this table exits.

If the code is customized then after “Commit” the data which is send to table tell SAP guy to write a code which invokes RFC.

– Shaik

SAP Admins ‘never’ allow JDBC access to their database. Go via the abap layer via the SAP function module (se37) RFC_READ_TABLE to select data from SAP


Thanks Rob… that is the way i’m following…