Pubsub when ther is only one IS

In the project I am working here there is only one IS and its connected to one broker only.
We are developing 1round 8 interfaces betn two system which are tightly coupled and use the stored procedure calls only. These stored proc only reply the status message about their execution and not the actual data.
Now my quetion is whether it is advisable to pub & sub there request and reply documents on the broker when we have only on IS which hosts both the source and target adapter ?



The Request/Reply scenario its all depends on your source/target requirment.

yes,you can do Pub/Sub and Subscribe request document from source and get response from target SP and Publish it to Source using the same broker ,for this u dont need a different broker unless your source and target connect to same broker.If they are in remote then you need to use Territory/Gateways to connect the local broker and remote broker in sync.

you are in right track,so go a head with Pub/Sub request/response (Synchronous or Async)

Sorry if it is not clear,


Using pub/sub will allow the source system to continue processing even if the target system is down. The documents will accumulate in the broker queue.