PubSub Messaging question

I am relatively new to WMethods and have a new integration to setup.
We need to setup an integration from an external application to WM. The
external app can produce messages in JMS format to send to MQSeries. Can these messages be sent directly to the WM broker or do we need to use an intermediate step of sending them to MQSeries, then connecting via JMS Adapter. Once we have the message to the Broker we can handle it OK to get into our ERP database.

The Broker appears to be a high speed routing mechanism, so why would we need to use a third party message router as MQseries.
If anyone can help with this question it would be greatly appreciated.

We are using WebMethods 6.0 on Win 2000 Platform.
We have the JMS adatpter installed.


The Broker has a JMS API that allows JMS applications to use the webMethods Broker as a JMS Provider. You can install this API and its documentation and samples using the webMethods Installer. There is also a new WmJMSAdmin package for Integration Server that makes it easier to create JMS Topics and Queues on the Broker.

You do not need the Integration Server’s JMS adapter for java-based JMS applications to produce or consume JMS messages.

If you want to use Integration Server flow services to produce or consume JMS messages, you need the Integration Server JMS Adapter. This 6.x adapter allows you to create adapter services in Developer using a variety of adapter service templates. This adapter will use either the Broker JMS API or another JMS provider. The list of supported JMS providers is contained in the webMethods JMS Adapter Installation Guide.

I do not think it would be necessary to use MQSeries as a JMS Provider in addition to the webMethods Broker (with the JMS API).


Thanks Mark. I should also point out that there are a couple of new enhancements to the webMethods Broker JMS API that were released in JMS 6.1 Service Pack 1. More detailed info is available on webMethods Advantage.

Many Thanks Mark,
You confirmed my thoughts, I will test some scenario’s to see if this works for us.