PubpublishDeliver unable to deliver document 61 ver

pub:publish:Deliver unable to deliver document [6.1 ver.]

When using pub:publish:Deliver locally the destination ID (destId) is given of a

local TRIGGER id - > PUBLISHING AND SUBSCRIBING work fine with invoking of the

SUBSCRIBE trigger for that document.

When using the destId of a remote broker’s trigger id (inside the territory of the

publisher) and publishing the document the SUBSCRIBERS TRIGGER is NOT INVOKED.

Please suggest why is the PUBLISH/SUBSCRIBE not working on remote broker although

the same concept is working locally. Is there any problem with the destination ID ?

If the Destination ID is wrong, one does not get any error messages. Just that the document is delivered to the Broker, without any further actions. I guess the same is happenning in the BAD Case !!

Moreover, the destination ID is the Client ID of the destination client and not of the broker. Try using the client ID of the subscring IS’s client ID.


Hi Bhavani ,
The destId is the Subscribing Client Trigger ID - my broker is in the client’s territory, so he is able to create my doctype for subscription and finally the trigger - whose ID is given by me as destID . If I am doing the Scenario locally - ie giving a trigger ID on my broker it works !

What could be the problem ? Thanks in advance

I suspect that the IS client prefix of the target subscriber must specified as well. Prepend the IS client prefix to the trigger ID and see if that works.

Question: why are you doing deliver?