publishRequestAndWait1 and exception handling

In EAI 4.x, when using the requestreply calls (acces.publishRequestAndWait1), it used to be that if the request handler throws an exception, the exception will overflow to the access.publishRequestAndWait1 call. However, in EAI 5.0, all I get from the publishRequestAndWait1 is a timeout error. Is there a way to configure so that the behavior is the same as 4.x

For example: here is a custom step in integration component:

private void publishAndWaitStep()
throws AdapterException, BrokerException
TEST$Op$Request in = new TEST$Op$Request();
in.ID = inputStep.ID;
in.Message = inputStep.Message;
publishAndWaitStep = (TEST$Op$Reply)
// For 4.x the exception from the request handler will throw an exception here
// For 5.x, it seems that the exception will not return, istead, this call will simply time out in 10000 ms
access.publishRequestAndWait1(“TEST::Op::Request”, in, 10000, TEST$Op$Reply.class);