Publishing record/doc with Parent-Child Relation (1-n)

I am trying to publish a record which has a 1-n relationship in it - Selecting from EMP and DEPT tables from an Oracle DB
using IS 4.6
example- One employee is assigned to multiple depts. My parent record is of type EMP and one of the attribute of EMP record is a recordlist of type DEPT. I am trying to publish the output to ES 5.0. I have created the required document and publish subscribe part in ES.
The child attribute (DEPT as struct in ES) is not populating. Please let me know if anybody has worked on similar stuff.
Thanks in advance

I’ve done a fair amount with this - I’ve had some issues with it too. There are some dependencies, from a name standpoint, when publishing documents from IS to ES and vice versa. Are you getting any errors in the server log? If not, make sure the record name on the ES side matches the record name on the IS side, that the documents have similar structures. For whatever reason, there seems to be some dependencies there, and I have found that making sure they match can help resolve some of that strange behavior. An easy way to make sure that they match is to generate your record by ‘Registering Flows’ and using that publish service/record to publish to ES. Let me know if any of that helps…

Hi Brad,
Thanks for replying. I am using listeners at IS for publish/subscribe to/from ES. I had to do couple of changes to make it work, using - Admin:PublishDocument instead of listener.Admin:publishDocument service for document publish.