Publishing bizdoc to broker

Is it possible to publish a bizdoc to a broker.? We have various layers of IS connected thru brokers. The documents from partners are presented to us in our processing services as bizdoc. We need to pass this to our other IS layers for processing(say mapping) thru broker. Is it advisable to pass around the bizdoc thru broker ?

Any inputs wuould be appreciated.

Seems like it’s possible. One concern that comes to mind is that the bizdoc holds identifiers that are unique to the TN instance. If the receiving IS/TN boxes are using the same TN DB then it should be okay. If not, then there may be identifier conflicts. Another concern is there is a lot of excess baggage in a bizdoc that you probably don’t want to transport all over the place.

Perhaps the better approach is to create a custom TN delivery service that gets the bizdoc delivery content and publishes that content to the broker instead of the bizdoc.

I would say to definitely not pass the bizdoc. If you need only the content, the suck that out and make a custom canonical document that holds that value. I make such canonicals that hold the bizdoc/internalid, the sender id, the receiver id, and the extracted content if needed. That way you have light-weight moves of data. Any service that needs the whole bizdoc can just call the service. You can even call this with the “getContent” equals true if you don’t want to pass that around either.
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Yemi Bedu

Hi Balu,
It is very much possible but not preferable. Like others said its always better to extract the values from bizdoc to a canonical document and publish that instead of the bizdoc.