Publishing a document

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I’ve been trying to run the pub.publish:publish method by supplying a document reference to a document generated out of the flat file schema. However, I always end up with the error “No matching Document Type exists for wm::is::<foldername>::XXX”
The document reference i’m supplying as the input parameter is to XXX which has been generated out of a flat file schema.

I went through the pub/sub manual and on pg.86 they have mentioned the manner in which to publish the document, and though I’m carrying out the same as mentioned, i’m ending up with this error. Also, the manual also mentions that I can set values to the fields in the document reference which I haven’t been able to do.

Please provide answers if you have faced such a situation.



This exception occurs when the value mapped to the pub.publish:publish input parameter “documentTypeName” is not a valid or fully qualified documentTypeName.

Fully qualified document type names are in the form folder.subfolder.subfolder:documentTypeName.

In order to be for a document to be published to the broker (that is, be a publishable documentType), you have to set the Publication\publishable property of a document to “true”, save it and synchronize it with the broker (right-click on the documentType name in the navigation panel to do this).



Thanks Mark.

I was setting the value of the documentTypeName as the broker document type name and hence I was getting the error.



We are using Webmethods4.6 .Our TN receives an XML from the source application which invokes a service in IS and maps the fields to a standard XML( BOD). Now I want to publish this XML (BOD) from IS to Broker(Enterprise Server) using the PublishDocument service(wmEnterprise package). Am i required to define the Document type corresponding to this XML(BOD) manually on Enterprise server. Isnt there any way where i can directly import the document type using the XML???
Please suggest

In 4.6, you can create a record in the IS (which allows XML imports) and then push it to the Broker using the WmEnterprise package. See page 61 of the webMethods Broker Package User’s Guide (v 4.6).

In 6.x, you can import the document into Developer and then make it publishable, which automatically creates the document type on the Broker.

Hi skip,

  Thanks for your inputs. I already went thru the webMethods Broker Package User's Guide (v 4.6), would u please me with the name of the utiliy(service) in WnEnterprise package that will create document types on Enterprise server. I've used PublishDocument Service to publish the document to Broker. another thing for your info - i'm using 4.7 bridge rather than 4.6 , which implements a broker client instead of intelligent adapter. Thanks in advance.