Publisher times out before receiving reply from subscriber

One of our web portal invokes a publishing service, say “A” on IS 6.1 to publish’ a request document and ‘wait’ for its subscriber response. The subscriber service, say B, receives the request document and calls two BAPIs SEQUENTIALLY. First BAPI will create an IDOC in SAP and 2nd BAPI service will get its status back from SAP. The requirements says that if the service B does not return response in specified time, service A should time out and return a “PENDING” status to web portal HOWEVER the SAP results returned by service B MUST be saved in portal db whenever they are available.

One of the design approach would be to have service B ‘reply’ the results from SAP (which Service A will get if it does not time-out) AND also publish these results (for another subscriber service, say C to ensure that SAP results gets stored in portal db even if the service A times out and IS does not find it to deliver service B reply.

I wonder if there is any built-in option in Broker which can guarantee that delivery of SAP results to publishing service A even if it times out.