PublishAndWait timing out

I am using publishAndWait in my flow service .
publishAndWait is waiting for the entire duration of wait period and then exits .I have placed a higher wait time which is causing performance degradation.

When I use publish it takes 5 seconds but when I use publishAndWait its taking 20 min for 4 documents . This is because of the publishAndWait has 5 min wait time .

I want the publishAndWait to exit as soon as it receives the reply document rather than waiting till wait period. Do I need to set any paramters in reply service or publishAndWait?
Any setting to be done based on envelope?

Are you publishing a document to an EI component and waiting for an EI component to publish a reply? If so, ensure that the EI component creates the document you are waiting for as “output” and not as “publish”.

Did you track your documents using the document tracker?

I’m using webemethods 6.

When you publish and wait… what is picking up your document and return another document back? Is it another flow service?

I am publishing the document in a flow service .
Another flow service subscribes and replies the document.


I am also facing the same issue, I have waittime 60000 millisec(1 min),
Most of the time its timing out, If I execute the adapter service seperately it takes only 2 sec. Broker takes more time for this case,
What should I do to improve the Broker performance to give the reply immediately. Any one please help me to find out …


Can’t you just include that flow service in the main flow rather than having publishAndWait. input of that service will be your publishble document



If you are suing wM6.1, create an output step instead of a publish step for the reply document. Also check the publish and deliver check boxes.