Publishable documets problem

Hi All,

I have created one publishable doc1 in 1st Integration server after that got the doc1 reference in 2nd Integration server using broker document type.
I sent that doc1 to broker using publish service in 1st IS, other side(2nd IS) trigger is fired but it is not able to get the document data(which was published in broker) while executing trigger service,actually trigger service is using that publishable document fields for executing the service specified in trigger.Could you please help me like need to change any properties of trigger or else need to do some additional work for competing this.

Broker is existed between two IS’s.

Thanks in advance

Please make sure that the input document in subscription service follows the fully qualified name of the publishable doc type.
i.e name of the document in subscription service should be ‘’ and not just ‘doc1’

Hi Vasanth,

Did u make sure that the publishable document exists on the second IS also? If the second IS is connected to a different broker then the document should be allowed to pass through the broker gateway (From one broker to another).


Thank you…